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Age is NOT just a number (Part 1)

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So I’m turning 29 very soon. I’m not thrilled about it, neither am I unhappy about it. Generally I am happy with my life. There are a few things I’m already obsessing about aging, and I’m doing everything I can (everything but exercise, I can’t seem to get myself to do that even though I’m told and I know it’s good for me) to age gracefully. It sounds extreme. But I am quite shallow at certain things, and I am already obsessing about a few things:

Clogged arteries. So I drink hot water with anything that’s oily. I give up drinking ice cold beverages with a good meal every so often because of this fear. But what’s great about it is that warm/hot water actually goes just fine when I’m eating. It’s not particularly torture for me. So yay.

Having white hair – And I have a long way to go before that but I see my parents dyeing their hair before they go on a trip and it just occurred to me that I, too, will be in that kind of situation someday. I don’t know how to delay that, eat sesame, it turns white hair to black. So they say. 

Wrinkles. Yes, I know I’ve had wrinkles even before I reached the age of 20. But of course none of that mattered then because I was young (in number) so how ever deep or long my lines were wouldn’t have mattered, really. But now, somehow the appearance of every new line is dreadful. Looking at the mirror seems like an activity I like to avoid yet can’t stop myself from doing. I don’t know what is up with that. I do everything natural to avoid the wrinkling and the sagging of the muscles but we all know the best thing I can do is live a healthy lifestyle (which I do now), and exercise? Yes, exercise. I should start swimming because I hate sweating. 

I’m leaving for Manila today. So the list stops here for now.


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I’m looking at Grumpy eating his lunch. Realized the dogs really simplify everything. Basically, all he does is wake up, pee/poo, eat, nap, bask under the sun, waits for me to come home so he can jump up and down for a few minutes, eat, then goes to bed when I do. Occasionally I take him out, but most days that’s his routine. And every other dog’s routine, I guess. Despite what circumstances they are in, they don’t really care about a lot of things. They just:

A. Need to eat to survive.
B. Need to be with someone whom they can call their master so they can show off their loyalty and love.

The dog doesn’t think, ‘this is getting boring, I have to move somewhere so I can feel alive again’, or ‘I need to find a human with a better job so I can eat better stuff!’. All they need are those two things, and they are good. There’s a reason why they’re animals and we’re humans. True. We get sick and we need to work and we need money. But maybe sometimes we could learn from animals. Because politics, drama, of any form don’t exist in their worlds. And if human beings could be easily contented like animals, then we might as well all be animals. So it’s an exaggeration, to simply tell people to be content that they are alive, they have a roof over their heads, they have food. The things that satisfy a dog will never satisfy us, human beings.

But right now, as Grumpy prepares to take his nap, I would be very satisfied if I had the luxury for one. But I have to go to work.