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Monthly Archives: December 2012

How it felt when someone called my life”EASY”

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I found that it was insensitive of her when she called my life easy. Just because I am doing okay financially, which is the context this was said in. It does not give her or anyone the right to say that about my life. In fact, I don’t think anyone is in the position to describe another persons’s life in that manner.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a millionaire, but I do get by and have the freedom to buy or eat anything I want, nothing too extravagant, just daily cravings like Gatorade, quesadillas or Jollibee. I waste an ample amount of my wage on coffee, milk tea, mints, animal-shaped crackers, dog leashes, instant noodles and alcohol. Once in awhile I buy expensive gadgets that I have learned to treasure. I drive a car that my parents helped me buy, and I can go into a boutique any day and buy a shirt or two that I deem is worth its price. I can be reckless but I am practical on most days.

In short, my life is pretty convenient. I consider myself blessed and I am not bragging in any way.

But to call my life easy? That’s an insult not just to me, but to less fortunate people, as well. Aren’t we all just facing different battles? Someone close to my heart is planning to leave the country for greener pastures, and while I know a few who have already left for the same reason, I can never get used to the idea of them leaving because I miss them so much. But I don’t judge any of them for wanting better lives, especially since the Philippines is a sad place to be in if you’re in the medical industry, your salary never pays off for the amount of work you give. I know hard working, passionate health care professionals that would rather stay but choose to leave because it is simply not enough and not worth it. The money is going to the wrong places and people. I find it sad that we are sending off competent, compassionate people to serve in other countries because ours can’t recognize their efforts and give them what they deserve.

So how it felt when she said my life is easy, was that I felt insulted. Clearly, I have my own struggles just as everyone else, rich or poor. Maybe I don’t have to go through the struggle of waiting for public transportation, maybe I am not in debt, maybe I am too frugal, maybe I’m not the child begging for money through the car window, maybe I won’t die without my family trying to do everything they can to save me, maybe I am blessed. People here do get by, no matter how little their earnings. It is a matter of setting a goal for the quality of life you aim to have. Some are fine with the life that they know of, and some aren’t.
But my life is not easy, and another man’s life is not hard just because he is less fortunate.

There is something wrong with that assumption. I think what is true about life is that we are all just trying to satiate the hunger for whatever gives us self worth, and we seek to improve the quality of our lives wherever we choose to draw the line for contentment and happiness.