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I’m having a great night, because I am seeing the number of shares of my article and it has been going up. I don’t know if it will continue to, but I am very happy with the numbers because I see that not many articles had these numbers? So I’m extra pleased right now, and very excited.  I mean no one has shared via Google+ yet I had 11! Who are these people huh? Doesn’t matter. I’m grateful to be touching lives, sort of. I get to say that, right?? Cheers!


Good good day!

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I got published today on the Philippine Daily Inquirer! I am so happy about it! I have gotten messages from supporters and seen some not so nice comments, but all I can say is I am happy to have my voice heard and to know that I am encouraging and influencing other people in my own way through my words.

Boys Night Out in Cebu

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I just found out that the boys from BNO were here in Cebu sometime last month for an event. I just saw my friend’s photo with them I’m so jealous! Would’ve been cool to see their gig live. I always have so much fun listening to them on the radio, because they’re, well, they aren’t jerks, they’re just real, I guess. They make traffic slightly bearable. Besides, I really like DJ Toni for some reason and not even in that kind of way since you know! He just seems really cool and funny! Well, more power to the show.

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Last Wednesday, I finally got to go to El Tiki Bar that I used to read about in Steve’s blog. And I have a guess that it was named that because of the TIKI’s. Haha. That’s funny.  Mabel had started working there weeks ago and I have to say Bigfoot has a very nice working environment. It was unplanned and maybe that’s what made the experience great. I liked the Tiki style something, I was pleased to see the quantity of mozzarella in it. I don’t see that much mozzarella in the restaurants in the city, or maybe I’m going to the wrong places.  My friend had the Cabo rice which I’m not so crazy about but I could finish a bowl on an empty stomach.  I liked the place, over all. I would definitely go back! 

Anyway, I am working on the training material for the second training session. I miscalculated a few things, I didn’t not anticipate and I am quite disappointed in myself for it since I thought I had everything under control! But someone tells me those are bound to happen and that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. So I will just try to find remedies. My time table is all messed up, though. It’s not that bad. I just tend to exaggerate. But the truth is,I really miscalculated, big time. I plan to start renovation by next month but I haven’t even prepared enough manpower (not to mention training them) and equipments that need to be shipped. I don’t have control over how long it’s going to take and that’s why I’m feeling helpless about the situation. Okay, just need to breathe. I might need to postpone renovation.

Sometime ago I tried to get out of a home owners meeting but tonight I couldn’t get out of it since my mom is in town. I have no problem going as long as the grown ups that represent this household are there. Otherwise, I don’t really feel my opinion is valid. I feel more like a puppet when I represent. Funny, that the next batch of officers will be us, the “younger generation”. I have no intention of joining that, really. I mean I don’t see myself doing that? But on a more positive note, maybe it will be better. For the inexperienced to take over and start anew. I don’t know.


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So I finally had my brackets installed yesterday. My dentist is very good and I can’t wait to have this problem fixed. I have not talked to her about the final price though, since she wasn’t able to put the metal on the other tooth. It should be a little cheaper, and I will ask for a discount when the time is right. Although know how ethical she seems to be, I think she would bring it up before I even get to ask. Well, hopefully. It is quite expensive.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t focus on my writing. But today I feel better, still with the help of Advil. I think I will sleep early tonight, I mean I need to, since I’m going to PRC tomorrow morning to have my license renewed. I am excited for migraine-free days. When the braces come off, my TMJ would have improved by then, hopefully. I look a little silly, and the mouth sores are not funny. I can barely eat, but I still eat because I crave a lot these days. So it’s kind of a torture to eat, not meaning to sound disrespectful to food.

So the bad news is that the physical therapy didn’t work… I mean I only had 7 sessions. It’s too early to tell? But even the medications didn’t really work, I didn’t feel it, at least. Oh well. The back pain is still there. But at least there’s some good news with my migraines.

Okay I’m going to try to get some sleep then….