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I think I have a new favorite place. Bo’s Banilad’s newly renovated store is my dream cafe to own and to spend time at. I actually think if they did this concept to all their stores I would stop going to Starbucks. I am writing from the high chairs as I promised, and I am […]

Before Internet

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I am at the salon getting a treatment for my hair. The waiting time is long, it would be longer if I was getting a rebond so I’m not going to complain but all this time, I’m grateful I have my phone and ever reliable and stable LTE connection powered by Smart. Because Globe LTE is fast alright, but forget stable, and I just signed a two year contract with them which really sucks. 

There is a boy waiting patiently for his mother getting a hair straightening treatment. He does not seem impatient, which is good. For he will need the patience towards the other women in his life in the future and salon visits will be a part of their lives regularly. 

I wonder what we did before the internet. Seriously.I’m one of those people who rely on the internet for entertainment, information and inspiration. Right now looking outside the window, I see homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk. A child is being spanked on the butt, a puppy is playing with its mother. Yay, time for rinsing!

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So today Annie is the busy one, I am getting a hair spa treatment for my falling hair and dandruff. Hehe. She is leaving tomorrow afternoon, she was supposed to leave on Monday but they are moving into the new house so she needed to leave earlier so they can finish it before they leave for HK.

The house is not done, by the way, but they need to move in because the lease contract at the old house is up and the owner is selling it so they can no longer ask for an extension. This has been a reason why they’ve been arguing lately, my parents, because of how my dad insisted on doing it. While my mom wanted to hire a contractor which my dad strongly opposed to. But I think the problem with my dad is that he doesn’t have an estimated fugue for the cost?  Like at least with a contractor you know the cost, and definite time it will take to finish. Minus the headache and stress. But my mom said he probably just wants to make sure the materials used will be of good quality, in which case he could’ve taken care of the materials and hired a contractor just for the labor. But no he has to do everything, and complain of his heart condition when it gets too stressful..sigh.  I guess it gives him a sense of purpose. But it’s just not practical and times are hard… it reminds me if when he was renovating this house in cebu, where he did the same thing and we had workers in the house 24/7 and they were really slow and it just was not a good place to live in at the time. Their craftsmanship sucked too.  But my dad wanted to do it his way and he’s spoiled like he gets upset at us if we don’t listen because he thinks we don’t respect him because he’s not making money. Which is an accusation, but to make him not think that we give in.


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I came home to a Diego who just had his weekly bath, could not resist taking him out for a ride since it’s been a while. So that’s what I did. We are waiting for my mom to finish working out, he is being very observant and it was cute at first but now it’s just annoying? He’s adorable though, he does not sleep on my chest anymore like he used to when he was still a puppy. The seat is a little too small for both of us this time around.

He’s getting restless. But he’s not the only one. Where is Annie?

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I am realizing that it’s not that I’m incapable, or unwilling but I refuse to teach anyone who is not willing to learn or change. That is my stand on the issue at work. I’m no longer interested in dealing with the drama and heartaches that come with this job. I care too much, I’m too sensitive. Maybe. But that’s how I am and I am finding it tiring to keep trying to change or toughen up when it is a struggle for me. Which is why I am unhappy at this aspect of my job. I am unhappy with betrayal, it is something that I can never understand. It is not in my system to sympathize with the reasons or be understanding. Maybe it’s time to let some people go, especially those who have been working for my mom for a long time. I want to choose who I work with, and choose the drama I’m willing to put up with. That’s that.