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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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I have been home for a few days now. I finally met Boody, my cousin’s black poodle. He is a bundle of joy, albeit a little spoiled, cannot be helped though with his cuteness. I hope Grumpy is doing well, I’m not so worried about him anymore since Diego is there with him.

So this time’s reunion is a little different, my uncle’s ex wife and the other son is back in his life after ten years or so of being estranged from him and us as a family. Everyone think she has bad motives, and it cannot be helped, after all, last time after she lost the custody for children she came back and pretended to have realized she knows she was wrong and then collected evidence to use at the court because she already planned to sue him again. So what she did, according to my uncle was that in his sleep, she put a pillow over his face and provoked him. That enraged him and made him very angry and cuss. She recorded it and played it as evidence of his violence at the court before the judge. She then got another amount as compensation and won custody of the younger son. Now, my uncle may be a potty mouth sometimes, a heavy drinker that brings out his ugly side because of the unhappiness in his life. But he’s not is a liar.

Perhaps because blood is thicker than water, I am on his side. Because he got so hurt and never moved on since then and drowned himself in alcohol every night. I am very concerned for him, but I also know how it is to love someone despite being wronged and accepting them with open arms. I think if he gets hurt again this time, it is his fault. My other uncle and mom have expressed to him that they respect his decision because clearly that’s what makes him happy, but to be wary. I don’t know if my uncle has learned his lesson, and I don’t know if my aunt is really back with sincerity and for good, but all we can do now is hope. Because I do hope their family can be whole again.

Perhaps because blood is thicker than water, I hope the two boys can stop being torn and tormented like that. I believe the divorce has been traumatizing to them in ways.


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