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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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I have been home for a few days now. I finally met Boody, my cousin’s black poodle. He is a bundle of joy, albeit a little spoiled, cannot be helped though with his cuteness. I hope Grumpy is doing well, I’m not so worried about him anymore since Diego is there with him.

So this time’s reunion is a little different, my uncle’s ex wife and the other son is back in his life after ten years or so of being estranged from him and us as a family. Everyone think she has bad motives, and it cannot be helped, after all, last time after she lost the custody for children she came back and pretended to have realized she knows she was wrong and then collected evidence to use at the court because she already planned to sue him again. So what she did, according to my uncle was that in his sleep, she put a pillow over his face and provoked him. That enraged him and made him very angry and cuss. She recorded it and played it as evidence of his violence at the court before the judge. She then got another amount as compensation and won custody of the younger son. Now, my uncle may be a potty mouth sometimes, a heavy drinker that brings out his ugly side because of the unhappiness in his life. But he’s not is a liar.

Perhaps because blood is thicker than water, I am on his side. Because he got so hurt and never moved on since then and drowned himself in alcohol every night. I am very concerned for him, but I also know how it is to love someone despite being wronged and accepting them with open arms. I think if he gets hurt again this time, it is his fault. My other uncle and mom have expressed to him that they respect his decision because clearly that’s what makes him happy, but to be wary. I don’t know if my uncle has learned his lesson, and I don’t know if my aunt is really back with sincerity and for good, but all we can do now is hope. Because I do hope their family can be whole again.

Perhaps because blood is thicker than water, I hope the two boys can stop being torn and tormented like that. I believe the divorce has been traumatizing to them in ways.


Sinulog 2014

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Today really put things into perspective. Last night I had trouble sleeping and then just earlier today, I woke up to my 5am alarm and snoozed until 5:47 a.m. I then bathed, changed, ate an egg sandwich, an orange, took 1000 mg of vitamin C. I am getting ready for Sinulog. This yearly affair that used to be fun and filled with excitement.

Just two years ago, the same day as today, me and my friends had matching shirts. Before hitting the streets, we had taken tons of pictures in our living room, and it was a time of belonging in a group whose friendship seemed so strong that it felt like nothing could tear us apart. Today, I prepared for the day in complete silence. I ate my sandwich and am grateful for Diego and Grumpy’s company. There was no one there. That was when I realized, things have really changed.

The person who spent each Sinulog with me in the past 9 years is no longer with me. The friend who has always, always been by my side is now with her significant other for other priorities, and the person I should be spending it with is in another country wishing just as bad to be here during this time. I had planned to walk alone to where the performers are, but the strong wind and dust is making it impossible for me to get out of the car. I would get blind from it, and it is very cold out and all I have is a jacket that is as thin as paper.

So now I have to wait it out. Or I could walk to 7-eleven and have coffee because I think I only got 2 hours sleep last night and somehow I expect to last the day. I look like a zombie, and my body is sore and most importantly my eyes are so heavy. This time of the day when I should be walking towards Mango Avenue, I am here writing this instead, and I had to because the realization of it really struck me amidst the defeaning silence.

Need to do a power nap. Now.

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“No relationship is perfect, ever. There are always some ways you have to bend, to compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater… The love we have for each other is bigger than these small differences. And that’s the key. It’s like a big pie chart, and the love in the relationship has to be the biggest piece. Love can make up for a lot.”


Sarah Dessen


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So I have not blogged in a such a long time. December has been crazy for me. It sucks that I have to go out soon when I feel like ranting. I have not had the time to make any New Year’s Resolution, and 2013 just went by without any noise! Okay I’ll write more later.



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Feeling under the weather today, woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I just came back from a short bike ride. As dramatic as it sounds, I actually enjoyed the wind on my face as it welcomed it with each push of the pedal. But my face has been very dry from the cold weather, so it’s far from the romanticized version anyone might envision. Not that that’s important, anyway.

I am feeling a little stressed lately about a number of things. The renovation, my uncle’s stroke/hospital bills, Manila home’s construction that seems to never end, the Christmas party. So far, it’s safe to say it is centered around financial problems. It’s my mom’s burdens, but her burdens are my burdens, too. Then I feel like I’m not doing enough to help back home. It’s just one of those days, maybe.

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Taipei For A Day

Finally home from Taipei. We took the 9:30 high speed train to Taipei and got there in 1 hour and 45 minutes. That’s mighty fast!! Compared to the 4-5 hour drive. Might expensive, too. But time was of the essence. We took the 6:36 pm train back.

When we arrived there, we went to eat at Taipei 101, at their food court. My mom ordered this Chinese herb soup, I had another soup that was too bland 😐 I liked that one, surprisingly, the Chinese herb soup. I usually hate that kind.

Then we went to the coffee machine supplier’s office, which was located beside 101, inside the exhibit building? It’s such a shame , there is going to be a 3-day international coffee, tea and (wine) expo starting this Friday. And contractors and workers were working on the booths that looked really grand and fancy… I would have wanted to attend that event! But maybe next time! So we got the coffee machine at a discounted rate.

I was happy about that. He let us try the very expensive Kopi Luwak/Civet coffee, it is an Indonesian novelty coffee. I have to say, it’s the first time I enjoyed black coffee, and it didn’t leave the acidic or sour after taste like some coffees do. But I hear it’s overpriced and industrialized in the recent years. It was priced at NT 7,500/250 grams!! But it was really, really good. I was going to carry it to Ximending, but by the time I got to the elevator it got heavy and my arm hurt. So we went back and asked him to ship it to our home in Tainan. Hehe. I would not have enjoyed shopping for glasses if I had that in my hand. I learned a few things about the coffee business, too. Styles of roasting, and the beans and how the location affects its acidity/alkalinity, etc. I like their philosophy, it really is about coffee’s sophistication and it being an art instead of the casualness cafes make them to be. So Michael, the guy, he said it has to be middle-upper price strategy because their beans are good and have 25 years or history, so we just have to create the coffee experience we want the customers to have, and find a nice location. There is a lot of thinking to be done, obviously.

We took a cab to Ximending because we got tired of walking. I was shocked to see a female driver who had dark glasses on, but she said it’s quite common lately – not the wearing of glasses, but women driving cabs. What men can do women can do, she says. She was a lousy driver though, and I believe she took us on a route that took more time to get there. I feel ripped off, but scared at the same time. We felt she didn’t know we spoke Taiyu because when we told her to go to Ximending, she made a call asking where Ximending is in Taiyu. And I was creeped out that she felt she had to wear those glasses inside the tunnel! She was changing lanes so frequently on double lined lanes, that’s like a big no no! It’s one thing to be an efficient driver, and another to attempt to be that and suck at it. I know because I’m a good driver, har! I was freaking out the whole time. Finally, my mom saw the store near the Taipei Main Station and said we will get off there to buy something, which was true. I was glad! Oh and she had this snack that she took out from the compartment beside her and offered it to us?? But maybe she was just being nice.

Then we found Fareastone’s store by accident, I was happy about that. 🙂 Finally, a SIM card!

I found some good finds! I found this extension wire to be extremely cleverly designed, because you see, I am already crazy about those switches – for I’m lazy like that. But see how they did that? I don’t even know how to describe it but sometimes it gets too crowded that one spot doesn’t get occupied at all due to the sizes of the chargers. So this design is very good, in my opinion!!

And then this one that has 2 USB slots!! I don’t have to bring two of these anymore, for my iPhone and Samsung! Isn’t that nice, too!

On other news, it’s fair to say I am disappointed at our staff for not being willing to give up that meal to donate to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. We don’t want to force them, either. So a meal is what they’ll have, even if their one meal could feed hundreds of homeless and hunger-stricken people. *sigh*

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m really tired.

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I am such a baby… Oh well.